Lodge Icon Image Lodge #480
2014-15 Elected Officers
Governor Todd Price
Administrator John Clapper
Junior Governor Jeffrey Onstead
Treasurer Thomas Futcher
Prelate Brooke Leppert
Trustee (1 Year) Jay Barron
Trustee (2 Years) Shawn Diehl
Trustee (3 Years) Jason Hale
Junior Past Governor William May Jr.
Application Review John Clapper
Community Service Mike Amick Jr.
Membership William May Jr.
Moose Charities John Clapper
Moose Legion Jeffrey Onstead
Ritual Thomas Futcher
Sergeant At Arms Myrl Musselman
Inner Guard James Green
Outer Guard Patrick Hinson
Chapter Icon Image WOTM Chapter #1245
2014-15 Elected Officers
Senior Regent Michelle Hinson
Junior Regent LuAnn Fisher
Chaplain Crystal Hale
Junior Graduate Regent Sandra Diehl
Secretary/Treasurer Deborah Stellfox
Recorder Catherine Wilson
Assistant Guide Mary Fisher
Guide Brenda Fochtman
Academy of Friendship Dorothy Egolf
College of Regents Sherry Arnold
Community Service Joyce Watson
Educational Advancement Connie Amick
Family Involvement Sandra Hinson
Health Awareness Jeri Wilson
Membership/Retention Jackie Lehman
Moose Charities Danielle Claycomb
Mooseheart/Moosehaven Karen Braman
Publicity Tammy Mills
Star Recorder Joan Tew
Youth Involvement Patricia Waybright
Application Review Commmittee Janice Leppert
Audit Cynthia Perrin
Governor History
William May Jr. 2013-14
William May Jr. 2012-13
William May Jr. 2011-12
John Clapper 2010-11
John Clapper 2009-10
Mark Heptner 2008-09
Mark Heptner 2008-09
Jeffrey Onstead 2007-08
Jeffrey Onstead 2006-07
Thomas Futcher 2005-06
Thomas Futcher 2004-05
John Brenner Sr. 2003-04
Clyde Fisher 2002-03
Tim Keller 2001-02
Tim Keller 2000-01
Tim Keller 1999-00
Theo Bartholomew 1999-00
Richard Keller 1998-99
Richard Keller 1997-98
Richard McMillen 1996-97
Richard Keller 1995-96
Richard Keller 1994-95
Richard Keller 1993-94
Richard Keller 1992-93
Richard Keller 1991-92
Richard Keller 1990-91
Richard Keller 1989-90
Richard Keller 1987-88
J Huber 1986-87
Senior Regent History
Sandra Diehl 2013-14
Cheryl May 2012-13
Lisa Hann 2011-12
Deanna Calhoun 2010-11
Lisa Hann 2009-10
Vickie Styer 2008-09
Hannelore E Leitz 2007-08
Vickie Styer 2006-07
Barbara Emery 2005-06
Hannelore E Leitz 2004-05
Nancy Alberts 2003-04
Hannelore E Leitz 2002-03
Shirley Harris 2001-02
Jackie Sciranko 2000-01
Joan Tew 1999-00
Gwen Schaeffer 1998-99
Carol Caron 1997-98
Janet Stottlemyer 1996-97
Gwen Schaeffer 1995-96
Bettie Allen 1994-95
Mildred Stanko 1993-94
Sandra Devers 1992-93
Betty Diehl 1991-92
Janet Stottlemyer 1990-91
Margaret Miller 1989-90